My name is Melissa Simnitt. Currently, I workMe3
as the Assessment Specialist at a public university in California. I’ve been in education for over twenty years as a K-12 educator and in higher education administration. Specifically, I’ve been involved in assessment and accreditation for the last eight years in higher education. A few of the accrediting bodies I’ve been involved with include: CTC,  NCATE (now consolidated with TEAC into CAEP),  WSCUC, and  AACSB. (If you’ve been around education, you know the acronyms run rampant!)

I have an MA in Education from Vanguard University that focused on pedagogy, curriculum, assessment, and writing.


On a personal level, I am married to my buddy, Gary, and home is a wonderful place. We are trained by our resident pups to do their bidding.
Overall, our house is quite active and loud. If you knock on the door at any given time, you’re likely to hear music, barking, laughter, or singing…and possibly, all of those at once.