Back to being simple

The busy-ness of the holidays is behind me and I’m now gearing up for a presentation on “Simple Assessment” in April. Where to begin? I have to admit, I’m often intimidated by those who focus on the complexities of assessment.

Right before the holidays, I met with a team from a local community college who wanted to ‘pick my brain’ about assessment. I provided them with some ideas on how they can simplify their systems and get on track with sustainable assessment practices. They were amazed by the idea that 1) they’d never heard anyone talk about simplifying assessment before, and 2) they could actually see ways to implement a simplified system that would provide them with the information they needed. I like to think I left them more interested about assessment and a wee bit excited to plan on their campus.

Once I leave someone with those paradigm shifts, I feel a bit more confident. But now, back to the grind. This week includes website updates, data gathering, and report writing. Simple, yet tedious parts of assessment. Now, if I could just figure out how to simplify html…ha!

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