It’s conference time!

I don’t attend many assessment conferences. Mostly because listening to folks whine about how they can’t get 'I've learned a lot about myself at these, I can fall asleep with my eyes open!'faculty, or anyone on their campus, to “do” assessment is not my thing.

So, here I am, at the Assessment Institute in Indianapolis sponsored by Indiana University at Purdue. So far, it’s been one of the better conferences. With stalwart assessment folks like Trudy Banta, Linda Suskie, and Tom Angelo involved, it should be!

First day in, and I’ve heard discussions about the usuals: support for assessment, faculty buy-in, and how to “do” assessment. But, I’ve also heard things about sustainable assessment and better-involving adjunct faculty and students in the assessment process, two less-tedious assessment-related topics I can get behind. Tom Angelo suggested something called the “Bus-Test” which is basically, “If you were to get hit by a bus tomorrow, would assessment continue on your campus?” On my campus, I think it would, but it gave me an idea to go back to the office and start working on a simple “Bus-proof” system that will continue beyond my tenure. I also made a “note-to-self” to investigate how we let adjuncts and students aware of how we conduct simple assessment for learning on campus. Important stuff.

So, there’s my check-in for the conference. I’m getting some good intel and will be ready to tackle some new ideas over the next few months. Score one for Purdue’s Assessment Institute. Well-done!

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